The server manages the most important data in the practice. If a server goes down, it can impact all users on the network. Servers should be replaced every 3 to 4 years from date of manufacture to prevent major interruptions to your network and benefit from the new technology. We recommend and sell Dell business class servers, which have excellent redundancy, durability, and performance for a reasonable price.


Backup installation and management is the most important service we provide. Backups protect your most valuable asset, your data. We offer 2 different products at Liptak including Liptak Backup and DDS Rescue. Both are excellent products providing local and cloud backup, daily monitoring, and prompt recovery. We can discuss the product that is best for you after determining your network size and recovery requirements. 


The workstations should not be storing or managing the vital data of the network. However, they can cause business interruptions to the user when they go down. Workstations should be replaced every 4 to 5 years unless the operating system expires. We recommend and sell Dell business class workstations which have excellent performance and durability for a reasonable price.

Tablets, Laptops, and Kiosks

We sell and support a wide range of the devices to fit your needs based on performance, battery life, and other featuresThe switches and firewalls should be replaced every 2 to 3 years to provide the latest technology and security updates to secure the network and optimize network speed. We only sell business class switches and firewalls including the Dell Sonicwall product line, which we can configure as wired or wireless for guest access.


You should have your server plugged into a battery backup device to safeguard against a loss of power which can damage the server. We only sell business class battery backups



We sell a wide range of wired and wireless keyboards and mice to fit your needs for comfort, reliability, and sterility




We recommend locking your server to avoid a breach in the event it is stolen. We can recommend a product based on the size and location of your server.


 Audio/Visual and Patient Experience

We can work with our AV partners to provide you with the latest televisions, monitor mounts, and AV racks to fit your needs.